Final Show

a. please outline your plans for what you will be showing (please give lots of details even though I know most your ideas, with 19 students it can be difficult to remember exact details!)
I plan on exhibiting two framed A1 inkjet prints of my work and a small assemblage (approx. 1 meter x 1 meter and 2 or 3 meters tall) of found objects from the Camberwell area. 
b. what equipment will you need (please indicate if you will be using your own equipment or if you need to borrow or hire stuff from college)
Wall Space 2 meters wide 3 meters tall. Floor Space 1 meter x 1 meter. A couple of nails and a hammer.
c. if you cannot get the exact equipment you need please suggest a basic alternative option
I bring my own hammer and nails, will hang where there is some empty space.
d. provide some rough sketches showing your ideas
Sketch below

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